Friday, June 17, 2011

Crafty Storage

Today I'm focusing on a couple ways I store some of my crafty supplies.  Since I use my studio for mixed media projects (paper and painting), I am always trying to improve my storage. 

Let's start with embellishments.  I've tried several different ways to store all the little bits and pieces of stuff that I use while papercrafting.  Initially I threw it in a plastic pull-out drawer and would just dig through it all until I found what I was looking for.  That proved to be frustrating as I collected more and more 'stuff.' 

I considered one of those Clip-Up thingies but to be honest I didn't want to take up table top space.  And I figured I'd outgrow the thing.  So I pulled all my die cut embellishments out, separated them into like piles and then just stared at all the little piles!   Holy Smokes! what am I doing with all this?!  Which sounds like something my hubby would say.

Anyhoo... so here is the picture of the system I use for my die cuts.

I took one of those photo storage boxes you get from Michael's and placed 2 plastic containers inside.  This left just a bit of room on the side for anything that ends up not fitting in the poly bags.

Then I put all the little sorted piles of stuff into 4x4 poly bags that I had.  I didn't seal any of the bags, just left them open and easily accessible.  Plus some wouldn't have closed anyway.

You can see the plastic containers a little better in this picture.   The poly bags fit perfectly.  Also, I can put the lid on the box if needed.  Not real tight but just to keep dust out if I leave it on my table.  I usually just tuck the whole thing in a drawer, with the lid on the bottom like shown.

And here's a view of the little bags with some of their contents.  See.. everything is sorted and it's really easy to thumb through the bags and find what I want to use. 

The next thing I did was change my ribbon storage.  I've tried all sorts of ways of storing my ribbon.  And for me, this is by far the easiest, most efficient way.  I took this shelf I wasn't using and just popped my spools on it by color.  The width of the shelves fit the spools perfectly and now when I need ribbon, I just grab the spool(s) and match it to what I am working on and snip away! 

I can storage between 70-75 spools of ribbon on this one shelf.  Love it!  And I love that I can just grab the spool without a lot of fuss and get on with it.  The spools were more difficult to remove on the dowel systems I used before.  Which proved to be a pain when I just wanted to grab a couple spools to see what I liked. 

I do keep my twill and seam binding in a small basket on my worktable.  And I have a box of spools of Christmas ribbon on another shelf along with a big ole' jar of ribbon snippets. 

Ok, that's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed these little ideas.  Maybe one will work for you!

Until next time,

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