Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Fowl

I spent some time painting recently.  Had a couple of projects that I've been working on that I wanted to finish up.  One was a paper mache box that I painted a rooster on.  This design looks cute painted on a galvanized bucket.  Perfect for the country lover.
He's just standing around in his feed pan probably wondering where the chicks are.  
While I was painting this I thought about the time John and I were outside and saw a couple of chickens wandering down our street.  We live in the city.  Chickens don't walk the streets.  Where the heck did they come from?  Who do they belong to?  

You could tell they had no clue they were in the city.  They just kept dilly-dallying along.  So John and I decided we should rescue them and hold them until we could find the owners.  Problem was... no owners were to be found. 

What to do.  What to do.  I know!!  Build a cage for them.  We'll keep them.  We'll have fresh eggs every day.  Hurray!

So John built this nice chicken coop thingy for them, we get food and water set up and then we wait for the eggs to appear.  A couple of weeks have passed.  No eggs.  Doesn't it happen automatically?  Are we supposed to coax them into laying eggs?  

Maybe they don't like the food.  We get different food.  They eat the food.  Seem to like the food.  No eggs. 

So a number of weeks pass.  We figure they are too young.  Not yet old enough to lay eggs.  What else could it be????!!!  Then one morning around 5 o'clock there's crowing.  I mean a LOT of crowing.  And then we realize it's coming from our yard!  Are chickens supposed to be crowing we ask.  Hmmmm, they must be confused.  

And the crowing continues.  Morning after morning after morning.  Actually they crow more than just in the morning.  They LOVE to crow.  Let's crow all the day long.  

Ok, so we didn't know chickens from roosters apparently.  Sigh.  The roosters must go.  Our neighbors are going to bean us over the head.  So we find a country home for the roosters.  And from then on I am allowed to only paint chickens...  roosters. 

Until next time, 

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