Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have A Seat

Well a big thump on the head to me!  In my last post I mentioned Margie was coming out with a new line.  I even posted pics of the line.  Thing is I didn't realize that was the line replacing The Girls' Paperie 'style.'  D.U.H.  I  do like the papers, but I was really hoping that there would be some like Girls' Paperie too :(  

Ok, now that that is over with let me talk about my latest project.  A painting project and one that I started awhile back.  It started with John bring home this chair. 

Yes, it looks pretty sad like this.  He said he knew I would want it to paint.  So the chair sat and sat (ha! ha!) while I contemplated what I would paint on it.  I knew I wanted the base to be black so John did this while I kept pondering. 

Then one day it hit me!  You know how I love the fall.  I mean I keep talking about it and wishing for it.  It is my favorite season afterall next to Christmas.  So, drumroll please, here's the chair all painted up and reading for sittin'. 



I do love how it turned out.  All homey and cozy looking.  I'm thinking I'll tie a little homespun on the side two back thingies.  I know... I'm a technical genius. 

Coming up I'll have some pictures of a thrift shop find that I scooped up for storing paper in my studio.  I love anything that I can re-purpose.  I'll also post some Christmas in July gift tags I've been working on. 

Until next time,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Birthday Wishes

Thank goodness the fireworks are over!  Don't get me wrong.  I like the big show fireworks that our community puts on.  It's the neighborhood ones that I can do without.  They start up to a week before the 4th and don't stop until days afterward.  And I actually wouldn't mind those if the noise would stop at a decent time.  But midnight and later is too late for us.  

A friend and I went to a local scrapbook store yesterday.  We needed to get paper.  We were running low.  LOL!!  Ok, so we didn't really *need* paper we just couldn't stop ourselves from adding to our stash.  

The store had some new product out.  The new line from Margie Romney-Aslett. Authentique.  


So pretty.  I love those tiny alphabet stickers.  And I love, love, love The Girls' Paperie Vintage Whimsy papers.  Some of the papers remind me of vintage wallpaper.  

See what I mean?   Love it.  I just read that Girls' Paperie is going away.   Margie is still going to design papers but don't know what yet.  I'm sure it will be great but I will certainly miss The Girls' Paperie.

I seem to like all things vintage.  Well except perhaps the old wringer washer. Ugh!   If I had to wash clothes that way they wouldn't get done.  Lots of admiration for the prior generations.  They sure had it hard. 

Anyway...  so I made this little card for my sister recently. 

She will be 60.  So close to vintage :-)  I love making those flowers from old sewing patterns.  You just cut a bunch of circles.  Dampen them a little bit and smoosh them.  Let dry and fiddle with them a little, stick a brad in the center and voila!  All done.  
Until next time, 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Something New

Is that not the cutest image?  It's actually me, sewing a little sumtin, sumtin for 4th of July.  As you can see I've been very busy.  I painted the blue bird first.  Whew!  I'm a little tired now. 

Ok, so I need to thank Free Pretty Things For You for the image.  You can find them here:  .   Pop on over there and check them out. Some really cute stuff.  And free! how can you beat that? 

So we're nearing the 4th and today I'm featuring some recent findings that I love.  Hope you do too. 

I'm making this today.  All fancy and everything.  I'm amazing.  I know. 

Courtesy of Pinterest

When I finish with the pie I'm decorating our porch.  Shouldn't there be a cat in this picture???

Courtesy of Country Home
Remember drinking from straws like this when you were little?  Except ours didn't have the flags on them.  Clearly we were deprived.  

Etsy - A Measured Gift
I love this room.  But honestly, is our bedroom supposed to look like this?  I'd have to sleep on the floor so I wouldn't mess it up.

Courtesy of Country Home
Ah... Freedom indeed.  We are so fortunate to live in this great country.  

Etsy - Bekahjennings
Have a safe and happy 4th.  Until next time,