Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have A Seat

Well a big thump on the head to me!  In my last post I mentioned Margie was coming out with a new line.  I even posted pics of the line.  Thing is I didn't realize that was the line replacing The Girls' Paperie 'style.'  D.U.H.  I  do like the papers, but I was really hoping that there would be some like Girls' Paperie too :(  

Ok, now that that is over with let me talk about my latest project.  A painting project and one that I started awhile back.  It started with John bring home this chair. 

Yes, it looks pretty sad like this.  He said he knew I would want it to paint.  So the chair sat and sat (ha! ha!) while I contemplated what I would paint on it.  I knew I wanted the base to be black so John did this while I kept pondering. 

Then one day it hit me!  You know how I love the fall.  I mean I keep talking about it and wishing for it.  It is my favorite season afterall next to Christmas.  So, drumroll please, here's the chair all painted up and reading for sittin'. 



I do love how it turned out.  All homey and cozy looking.  I'm thinking I'll tie a little homespun on the side two back thingies.  I know... I'm a technical genius. 

Coming up I'll have some pictures of a thrift shop find that I scooped up for storing paper in my studio.  I love anything that I can re-purpose.  I'll also post some Christmas in July gift tags I've been working on. 

Until next time,


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  1. Hi Hannah!!! LOVE the chair. You are just so darned talented!!!