Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Birthday Wishes

Thank goodness the fireworks are over!  Don't get me wrong.  I like the big show fireworks that our community puts on.  It's the neighborhood ones that I can do without.  They start up to a week before the 4th and don't stop until days afterward.  And I actually wouldn't mind those if the noise would stop at a decent time.  But midnight and later is too late for us.  

A friend and I went to a local scrapbook store yesterday.  We needed to get paper.  We were running low.  LOL!!  Ok, so we didn't really *need* paper we just couldn't stop ourselves from adding to our stash.  

The store had some new product out.  The new line from Margie Romney-Aslett. Authentique.  


So pretty.  I love those tiny alphabet stickers.  And I love, love, love The Girls' Paperie Vintage Whimsy papers.  Some of the papers remind me of vintage wallpaper.  

See what I mean?   Love it.  I just read that Girls' Paperie is going away.   Margie is still going to design papers but don't know what yet.  I'm sure it will be great but I will certainly miss The Girls' Paperie.

I seem to like all things vintage.  Well except perhaps the old wringer washer. Ugh!   If I had to wash clothes that way they wouldn't get done.  Lots of admiration for the prior generations.  They sure had it hard. 

Anyway...  so I made this little card for my sister recently. 

She will be 60.  So close to vintage :-)  I love making those flowers from old sewing patterns.  You just cut a bunch of circles.  Dampen them a little bit and smoosh them.  Let dry and fiddle with them a little, stick a brad in the center and voila!  All done.  
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