Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Look Inside

I’m always so awed seeing pictures of other studios/craft rooms.  I always think I’ll get my act together in my own.  But, alas, it’s not happening.  Mine is what it is.  A lot of this and that.  Clutter here and there.  Too much of many things.  Heaven on earth.

So first I’ll say… this is my 3rd studio.  My first one was our gazebo.  John closed it in for me and added air-conditioning.  And then not long after he expanded it for me by adding a sink, bathroom and a sewing area.  I thought it was the deal and I loved it for a long time. 

Then he built himself this GINORMUS workshop.  Hello!  I need some of that.  It had built-in cabinets and a loooong worktable made from a laminate countertop, a sink and bathroom.  I could just see myself all spread out in there with my projects lining that worktable. 

So after a lot of personal pity parties and dragging my feet in a dramatic way… I moved in to my new studio!  John moved out.  Poor John.

That studio was the bomb!  Seriously, it was a dream to work in.  I even had an attic for storage with pull down steps for access.  Loved-loved-loved it.  Then one summer caterpillars came.  They hung from the trees.  They fell on your head.  Your arms.  Your neck.  Ewwwww!  I was hysterical.  I need another studio.  One connected to the house where I don’t have to walk outside.

So here we are today.  My 3rd (and last) studio.  Let’s take a peek inside.

My first love is painting.  This is a picture of my bottled acrylics in racks on a shelving unit John made for them.  Love this unit.  

The lower part of the unit holds plastic drawers with my oils, gouaches and fabric paints.  I also keep my palette paper, vellum, canvas boards and a little sewing drawer here.  My paint table is situated in front of this unit so it’s convenient to turn around and grab the paints I need for a project.
Looking to the right of this unit is a bookshelf John made to keep all my painting and reference books.  The binders hold magazine articles/projects. 
This bookcase is a $10 yard sale find.  As you can see I went right to using it without repainting.  Good solid wood and very sturdy.  See that little spice rack?  That's where I keep all my glitter.
I keep some embellishments here for paper crafting.  Flowers, buttons (note those in the plastic bag that need sorting), trims and a huge jar of ribbon scraps.  The lower half of this unit houses a bin of old roofing slates for painting. 

All my trims are kept in this old wood file box.   
 This has been the BEST system for organizing these trims.  Credit goes to Saphira.  Here’s her blog:

Picture of my cutting table. 
I keep my paper packs and my theme papers (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc) in an old metal record (as in vinyl) rack.  Snagged it at a thrift shop and just love it!  On the top I stash my paper cutter (when not using) and my handy dandy Martha Stewart score board.  Under the rack is room to keep my ream of paper I use for Copics, my Xyron and my scale for postage. 

I keep my cardstock in this file box thingy.  
I sorted colors, put into hanging files and then just cut file folders and labeled.  Not pretty but it is very workable.

On top of this cabinet (another John made), I keep my Wizard, dies, projector and a basket of random fabric and other paper scraps.  Inside I have wood items for painting. 
I tried several different ways to store my dies.  I ended up with this system which I like the best.  Using a large index file with index folders, I labeled each folder with the name of the die.  Inside I sewed a pocket to hold the die.  It’s easy to grab what I want and having it by my Wizard makes it convenient.
And remember my original studio?  The closed in gazebo?  This is who lives there now.
His name is Billy.  He found me over 11 years ago.  He was solid gray…   until he had a bath and then his beautiful white fur appeared.  Sadly he was diagnosed with leukemia and cannot come into contact with our other cats.  But he lives a comfortable and loved life.  John installed a cat door in the gazebo and made an enclosed cat run for him.  This way he can enjoy the outdoors in safety if he chooses.  We are blessed to have him.

Well, that’s all folks!  Nothing fancy.  Lots of mismatched stuff and lots of mess but I love it all. More to follow another day.

Until next time,

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