Sunday, October 16, 2011

How My Garden Grows

I love to putz around in the garden.  It’s a struggle in the summer to get things to grow.  I’m mostly fighting bugs and getting eaten by mosquitoes.  Not too mention about to burst into flames from the heat. 

But when the humidity starts to lower I’m ready to start again!  This season I’ve planted squash, different tomatoes, some herbs, collards and peppers.  I seem to plant mostly the same things.  Except this time around I have a ‘volunteer’ plant growing! 

I didn’t plant a seed, I didn’t water or anything but it grew.  I have to say it’s my BEST plant ever!  Want to see a picture?  Ok. 
 John saw it first, came back in the house and told me I better look at the plants in the earth box.  I thought, oh no, figuring bugs got them or a possum.   But instead it’s our little Junior making himself at home on top of the collards.  Isn’t this the cutest????? He must not like collards. 

Now for some of the projects I’ve been working on. 
A little birthday card for a dear friend. 

A small little memo book.
The memo book is one of those little $1 store goodies covered with papers, wrinkle ribbon and a little die cut and paper flower.  Just the right size for tucking into your purse.

Until next time,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Those Were The Days

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle came on the radio while I was waiting in line at the Post Office earlier today.  Another lady in line and I started chatting about the ‘good ole days’… the early 60s.  The Tokens sang the song then and the music was like none other.

We talked about how we drank water from the garden hose, rode our bikes without helmets, took sips of coke from the same bottle our friends did, and lived. 

We rode in cars without seat belts and when mom or dad braked hard you reached out to the dashboard or the back of the front seats to brace yourself.  And sometimes we even laid in the back window of the car.  Remember that?  Ah… those were the days!

I love those times and this collection from Crate Paper is so nostalgic looking.  
Peppermint Collection – Crate Paper
It’s when your Christmas  tree had bubble lights and salt dough ornaments.  Real candy canes and Lighted Ice Snow Balls lights.  Good times.

I’m working on some projects using this paper line and will post that soon.  Hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner.  I’m so excited!  Love this time of year. 

Here’s a little inspiration for Halloween from Pinterest.
I’m not sure I could drink food that was looking at me but isn’t this waaaay cute.

Don’t you just love these????  Wish I had thought of them but then again I’d probably get weird about having the umbrellas open in the house! LOL!  John would hate them hitting him in the face when he walked under them.
And this has nothing to do with Halloween but I thought it was such a clever thing to do with an old crib.  I need to go to the thrift store now and find a crib.  Such potential for soooo many uses.  I’d like to repurpose as a craft table with the table top extended so I could scoot up under it in my chair.

Until next time,