Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Project or Two

I love this time of year.  The weather turns cooler, the horsetail clouds are in the sky and things turn festive.

I’m ready to put Bing on and sing, sing, sing!!  When I said that though John and all the cats plugged their ears.  I can’t believe they don’t like Bing Crosby.

Our little Miss Dixie had to have surgery last week. Made me a nervous wreck.  I am so not good at stuff like this.  I worry myself to pieces.  She developed an ear hematoma that would not respond to a non-invasive first approach.  Anyway, all went well (thank goodness) and she is now on the mend and anxiously awaiting the removal of her stitches.  In the meantime she is taking full advantage of this episode.  She has been allowed to sit with me in the studio J

And speaking of studio, here is one of the cards I recently created using my new Big Shot. 

Woo Hoo!!!  I now can cut felt like butter.  With my Wizard, cutting felt was hit and miss.  And I've learned 100% wool felt does the best.  I tried 35% wool and even with the Big Shot did not get a clean cut unless I was using Tim Holz dies. 

And here is a painting project I completed. 

I painted one of these taper candle boxes a number of years ago for our home and just loved it.  It has such a nice homespun look doesn’t it?  Just wish I could photograph better.  Sigh. 

Until next time,

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