Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting A Home

Bear with me as I post another story about cats. Yes, it is clear I love-love-love them.  Actually I love all animals. How can you not when you look at their little faces and see all the hope coming from their eyes. Ahh.

So today I want to show pictures of several of the cats in a colony I’ve been taking care of. First, here’s the story (from my original blog) of how these cats came to be in my care.

This blog, Purrfect Whimsy, was the initial blog I started. At the time I thought I would keep just the one. But then I thought (gets me in trouble every time) that I should have a blog more in combination with my Etsy shop name. And soon I realized I was not going to be able to pivot back and forth between the two trying to keep up. So, I’m just posting to this one. Much easier and I can spotlight animals when I want, crafting and this and that.

So, I digress. Sorry. Here are pictures of some of the colony.

Lots of black and whites here. Look at this little girl.

Is that not the most precious little face? I named her Lola. She is the first in this colony that I was able to socialize. This little face peeking through the fence was there to greet me each day as I showed up to feed. Sigh. It just melted my heart.

I’ve been able to get Lola a forever home. So thrilled!!!!! Not seeing that little face peeking out as I arrive each day is bittersweet, but there’s more to the story. I’ve been able to visit her and help getting her adjusted to her new home. It’s been a win-win. And when I come to visit, little Lola comes a runnin’ when she hears me. It just fills your heart doesn’t it? Yes indeed.

Stay tuned for more from this colony.

Until next time,

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