Friday, February 17, 2012

Strawberries! You Pick

I planted a strawberry plant early in the year. I wanted to have a couple of nice strawberries to occasionally enjoy with my morning yogurt.

Yesterday I checked and there were 5 berries just a day of being perfect to pick. So I covered them good with hay so the birds wouldn’t get them and was ready this morning to enjoy. But when I went out to get them, there was not a single one there. Dang! The birds snagged every one. I can’t believe they eyed them thru the hay. Or smelled them. Whichever. It’s always a challenge here to be able to get something for us that I grow. I don’t mind sharing but couldn’t these critters leave a little for us?

Next up will be cherry tomatoes that have blooms. Of course, all my herbs they want nothing to do with. Hey, maybe I should plant herbs all around my other plants!

Spent some time in the studio putting all the valentine themed stuff away and getting out some spring papers. Easter is right around the corner! I love all the bunny stuff. Something about those bunny ears that you just gotta love.

Here’s a little gift pocket I made. You can tell I love to make pockets. They are just so sweet to tuck a little something in.

The clown paper is really cute although I am slightly afraid of clowns. LOL! I think I saw a scary movie preview once and have never been the same since.

And here's another card.

When I first started this card the idea in my mind ended up totally different in the end. I knew I wanted to use the floral paper and a butterfly. The rest just evolved. As things do.

Well, until next time,

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