Thursday, March 29, 2012


History always repeats itself.  Like the current 'Going Green' move.  A new generation comes along and everything old is new again!

Take sun tea for example. 

In the 70’s this was the way I always brewed my tea.  It was the ‘thing’ in the day.  I would sit my big ole jar of tea bags and water out on the deck to steep.  I was hip!

Then there was Shaklee.  Did you use Shaklee?  All natural vitamins and cleaners.   I bought Basic H by the gallon and used it for all my household cleaning.  Used the laundry soap for all my laundry including those delicate hand wash only garments.  Hung everything on the clothesline and felt so, well, green! 

I was helping the environment and helping my body.  I wore t-shirts with an image of a beautiful water stream on the front with a quote, “we all live downstream” and other environmental friendly quotes. I tie dyed skirts and shirts.

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I loved the green movement and felt empowered to be part of such a big thing.

And then something changed.  Don’t know what.  Don’t know when.  But slowly most of us flowed with the times as they pressed forward.  New products, new ideas, new generations.   

And now here we are forty years later and the Green Movement has again taken hold.  People shop with their eco friendly shopping bags.  They shop at Whole Foods. They wear eco friendly clothing and participate in their county or city’s recycling program. 

Me?  I’ve jumped back on.  I’m re-learning ways to be green.  Trying to use less paper and plastic (although I admit this is super difficult for me as I love my paper towels).  We have a compost pile.  We recycle.  We ride our bikes to the store versus driving the car when we’re picking up just a few items.  We re-purpose as many items as we can.

We replaced all our lawn with brick paths, stepping stones and drought tolerant plants, herbs  and shrubs more than 10 years ago.

I haven't gone so far as to start tie dying our clothes but I do wish I still had those t-shirts.

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