Saturday, May 26, 2012

Waste Not Want Not

When I first started decorative painting I gathered many different supplies to 'have on hand'. Brushes, surfaces, sealers, varnishes and on and on. Problem was, after I would buy them I wouldn't want to use them. I tucked them away and saved them. And saved and saved.

Unfortunately, a lot of finishes, varnishes and some paint clearly had a shelf life. And it all had to be thrown away. I was more than mad at myself. And quickly came to realize, you need to use what you have! Enjoy them! Because in the end, saving only meant that I wasted the money and the product and.... never got the enjoyment of any of it. Such a lesson learned.

All the surfaces I saved over the years have stayed intact. And one of those are vintage Cape Cod roofing slates. I bought a slew of them from a supplier in New England (now no longer in business.) Lately I've been pulling a few of them out and painting on them.

Here's the latest one I did with Raggedy Ann with a big slice of watermelon and the American flag. This is a Maxine Thomas design with some little changes.

These slates look super cute hanging by your entrance door to welcome guests, in the garden on a stake or anywhere else you want that Americana look.

Until next time,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spotlight on Billy

On May 22, 2000 Billy found me in the parking lot of the office building I worked in.  He darted up to me and started meowing like nobody's business.  I thought perhaps he had wandered away from a home in the area and just needed help finding his way back.  So I scooped him up and took him around knocking on doors and asking if he belonged to anyone.  At the last house I tried, there was a couple who said he hung around underneath their house but he wasn't theirs and they really wished someone would take him. They didn't want him there :(  

So I took him back to my office, set him up with a comfy place to lay and gave him some water to which he immediately stuck his paw in and started slapping it all over.  After he was done playing in it, he stuck his paw in his mouth.  Silly cat.

The workday ends and here we were.  I come home and tell John I brought him a present!  He says, "it's not a cat is it?"  LOL!!!  He always tells me I'm a cat magnet. And the rest is history. 

Billy is kept separate from the other kids until we get him checked out at the vet.  So the next day we head to the vet and on the way I sing to him.  Now at the time we thought he was female. I swear he looked like it!!!  Anyway, I sing him a song calling him Lily all the way to the vet.  He meowed like he loved the song!  Or not. 

He gets blood work done, vaccinations, fecal test.. you know the whole kit and kaboodle.  We continue to keep him separated from the others until the test results come back.  Sadly he is positive for Felv and FIV. My heart breaks. 

The vet recommends euthanasia. I began reading any and everything I can on Felv/FIV.  John and I decide we are going to give him a chance to live his life. And as of the 22nd of this month, our sweet Billy has blessed our lives for 12 years.  Yes, twelve.  We are so thankful we followed our hearts and did not euthanize him.  

Until next time, 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's all in the details

We're doing some landscape remodeling of sorts in our backyard.  We're adding  a pond along with a bridge over it and lots of plants surrounding the area.  

Now with all this going on there is lots and lots of dirt.  And I'm constantly calling out, 'wipe your feet!'.  Yesterday I must not have called out enough because I found these large sandy shoe prints leading all the way from the back porch to the kitchen sink.  John naturally blamed it on the cats. 

So today I see him heading inside.  I go out and hand him a pair of these blue bootie thingies to put over his shoes.  He just gives me an 'are you kidding look'. I stand firm with booties in my hand :-)

Much later in the day John says he's heading to Home Depot.  I mention he can drop me off at Michaels on the way.  I've been eyeing those Smash books.  Still on the fence about whether I'd actually commit to doing it.  I have several scrapbooks that I haven't done.  We return home and I'm in the garden checking plants when John comes out the door saying... 'look what I went to Home Depot and Michaels in'.  I look and see these on his feet,

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!!  He was shocked no one said anything.  I said they were too busy laughing.  So I took a picture before he tossed them in the trash.  I imagine tomorrow I won't win the bootie battle. 

Here's a little baby card.  All girly and pink.  I love the umbrella paper.  It's by Jillibean.  

Until next time,