Saturday, May 26, 2012

Waste Not Want Not

When I first started decorative painting I gathered many different supplies to 'have on hand'. Brushes, surfaces, sealers, varnishes and on and on. Problem was, after I would buy them I wouldn't want to use them. I tucked them away and saved them. And saved and saved.

Unfortunately, a lot of finishes, varnishes and some paint clearly had a shelf life. And it all had to be thrown away. I was more than mad at myself. And quickly came to realize, you need to use what you have! Enjoy them! Because in the end, saving only meant that I wasted the money and the product and.... never got the enjoyment of any of it. Such a lesson learned.

All the surfaces I saved over the years have stayed intact. And one of those are vintage Cape Cod roofing slates. I bought a slew of them from a supplier in New England (now no longer in business.) Lately I've been pulling a few of them out and painting on them.

Here's the latest one I did with Raggedy Ann with a big slice of watermelon and the American flag. This is a Maxine Thomas design with some little changes.

These slates look super cute hanging by your entrance door to welcome guests, in the garden on a stake or anywhere else you want that Americana look.

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