Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome Friends

Friends have been a big help in my healing process.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.  I think girlfriends are so special.  Blessings each day.  You can call a girlfriend at 2am and she will say… “what’s wrong…  how can I help you”.  Makes such a difference in life. 

Girlfriends listen, hug, talk to you when you need the talk and are always there to lend a hand.  They are lifelines in life.

I painted recently.  Have had a couple of projects going but only finished varnishing one so far.  The other one is very detailed and I haven’t brought myself to tackle it yet.  The one I have finished is this one.

I’ve been tending to my flower garden.  The flowers are doing so nice and look so pretty.  Our temps are getting hotter and hotter and it feels like summer is already here.  I dread it when I’ll have to go out.  Sigh.

I miss the joking around John and I used to do.  He made me laugh each day.  No matter how I felt he would have me laughing and feeling better!  He was such a blessing in my life.  The absolute best thing that ever happened to me. 

One of my friends came over on Saturday.  We planned to be in the studio working on a project.  When she got here everything changed.  She asked what we were going to do and I said it was up to her and she said she didn’t care.  It went back and forth like that a couple of times.  We finally decided to go to a scrapbook store in a nearby town and get stuff we didn’t need.  We spent more than 2 hours there looking at all the new things they had.  We had both decided we were just going to look and not buy anything since we have a ton of stuff already!  We were so happy as we traveled back to the house with our treasures that we have no room for.  Guess it’s time for organizing yet again.

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